Tomato Selections for our 2009 Season!

Choosing tomato varieties for you is what we do best. We sort through the pages and pages of information about every tomato we can find and try to determine which ones are going to grow the best, most importantly taste the best, and make all that work worthwhile. Our new selections every year are limited to only about 8 varieties as we only drop that many every season. We evaluate each variety for not just what sells best (although that is important) but if we have disappointing results consistently with a tomato variety, we will replace it with something new.

Many of our varieties are so popular that we will never drop them…here are just a few.

Cherokee Purple

The best tomato we have ever tasted! This tomato will convince you to grow Heirloom varieties. They are from the Tennessee Cherokee Indians, discovered over 100 years ago and have a thin skin and soft texture. When fully ripened they have dark reddish-purple color, full acidity and a rich, old fashioned, sweet flavor. Make sure to mulch for best results and hold back on the watering. Our best results were during an 8 week drought with minimal drip watering. 80 days

Orange Russian 117

This is truly a WOW tomato which was a standout in our tomato testing this year. It is a bicolor heart-shaped tomato with smooth golden flesh marbled on the inside with streaks of red. A cross between Russian 117 and Georgia Streak this 1 to 2 lb.yellow-orange tomato has a pink blush, is very meaty with flavor that is well balanced, somewhat fruity in flavor and has very few seeds. 85 days.


Fantastic, huge, golden orange variety with fruits that range from 1 to 2 lbs and 5″ across! Rich color, meaty texture and good acid content make this a great selection which melts in your mouth. Has a wonderful fruity flavor and smooth flesh. 80 days

Green Zebra

One of our most popular tomatoes for its spectacular flavor, these beautiful small fruit start green with dark stripes and ripen to a yellow color keeping the green stripes. The amazing sweet and tart flavor makes this one great in Salsas and Salads. Plant early as it does not produce well in summer high temperatures 75 days


An old-fashioned, gorgeous, yellow heirloom with red-orange stripes, this plant will not produce a huge quantity of fruit but what you get is very sweet and extremely large, up to 2 lbs. Rich flavorful tomato that is the most amazing size and texture. These are great to eat sliced and have exceptional color and sweetness. 85-90 days

Box Car Willie

This old prolific heirloom variety is the best producer of red, smooth 10-16 oz. fruits. Don’t be thrown by the name because you won’t believe the incredible taste. Old fashioned flavor with high yields for an heirloom tomato is great variety for an all purpose kitchen tomato or delicious sliced on a sandwich! 80 days

Italian Sweet Beefsteak

Huge, luscious red beefsteak tomatoes on tall plants can grow up to 3 lb fruits! Potato leaf heirloom plants produce tomatoes with excellent sweet, juicy Italian flavor. 85 days

Rose de Berne

One of our very favorites! This is a delicious Swiss heirloom variety has beautiful quality, looks, and taste. They are pink skinned with deep rose colored flesh, round and uniform. Simply excellent flavor. Originally discovered in a market in Arles, France from a farmer growing a number of old tomato varieties. Very rich flavor, good acid and sweetness. 75 days


This is the most well known Heirloom variety for good reason. It has huge fruit with incredibly sweet flavor. It originates from the Amish in the late 1800’s. It is always a staple in our garden because it is so reliable. Starts out pinkish, and turns slowly red, and then slightly purplish as it ripens. Very large vines, they can grow up to 12 feet if the soil is kept somewhat cool with mulches. Ripens in 80-90 days

Arkansas Traveler

Also known as “Traveler” this Southern Heirloom variety is known for producing well in hot weather. Beautiful dark Pink tomatoes are 6-8 oz. and very flavorful and sweet. They are always a reliable producer of large bountiful crops even during the heat of summer. Late season 85 days

San Marzano (Redorta) Heirloom

This is an authentic Italian heirloom tomato used all over Italy for canning. We chose a variety from Tuscany, named for a mountain in Bergamo. Huge plum type tomatoes grow to 4 1/2″ long and 2″ across. They have a meaty texture and full acidic flavor along with excellent sugar content for the best sauces. 80 days

Mortgage Lifter

One of our most popular tomatoes, this old fashioned variety of well-shaped, large fruit has very few seeds and a fantastic meaty interior texture. This one is extremely sweet and delicious in tomato sandwiches. Many are over 2 lbs! 85-90 days

Thanksgiving is coming soon!

Don’t forget fresh herbs for Thanksgiving. Now is the time to stock up on Sage, Thyme, Oregano and Parsley for all those great recipes for the big meal of the year. Stuffing and dressing just can’t be the same without fresh herbs. Roasting the turkey with herbs under the skin is a wonderful way to add flavor. We always brine our turkey and include Thyme, Oregano and Sage. Our turkey is always moist when we soak it in a salt brine solution the night before Thanksgiving. Our recipe also has honey for a golden color and sweetness.

Mamaw’s dressing is always cornbread dressing with fresh sage and chicken stock (with the pieces of chicken cut up into it). Tradition is the best part of this wonderful food holiday.