Good Bugs or Bad Bugs in your Garden

Good Bugs or Bad Bugs in your Garden!

lady bugs in the garden There are both Good Bugs and Bad Bugs in your Garden so here at The Tasteful Garden we promote natural pest control methods such as keeping your garden clean and weeded, using mulches and good compost in the soil, and using organically made pesticides only when absolutely necessary.

There are many bugs in the garden but some of them are good bugs, or beneficial insects and others are bad bugs that really need to be chased out of the vegetable garden to insure you get a good crop.

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Don’t forget to Fertilize your Garden Organically

Don’t forget to fertilize your garden, organically!

_gardentools.jpgJust like us, healthy plants need food, in regular amounts and it is necessary to provide them with almost everything they need. Fertilize your garden Organically which is the most healthy way for plants to eat, and just like us, they will be happier eating healthy. Our backyard soils have some minerals and calcium but it is always a good idea to supplement them so they have a complete source of all of the ingredients they need. Continue reading

Growing Sweet Basil

Growing Sweet Basil

To be successful growing Sweet Basil, daytime temperatures must be warm, but not too warm (around 75 to 90 degrees during the day), and the plants must get at least three to four hours of sunlight a day. Growing Sweet Basil is also easy with filtered light (such as under a tree or next to a bright window indoors) for folks in hotter climates.

Growing Sweet BasilIf it gets too hot, or too dry, or if the roots become pot bound, (or over crowded), the plant will begin its flowering process, which signals the end of its life. Once flowers are covering most of the plant, Basil rarely produces any more tasty leaves. Continue reading

Watering in the Garden

Watering in the garden

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How Much Water Does My Garden Need? Watering in the garden can be difficult to decide during the time of year when summer rains are sporadic. Knowing exactly how much is needed for each plant can be tricky but as a rule of thumb water the garden only if there has been less than 1″ of rainfall per week. Continue reading

When should I plant my vegetables and herbs?

When should I plant my vegetables and herbs? The best time to plant Is not the same for everyone.

Planting vegetablesEach person has to decide at what point their garden is ready for certain types of herb and vegetable plants. Perennial Herbs can be planted just about anytime it is beginning to get warm but Annual herbs such as Basil and Dill need to wait until night temperatures are well above freezing every night. Tomatoes and other “warm season” vegetables are frost tender and will be severely damaged by even a light frost which can happen when temperatures are as low as 36-38 degrees. “Cool season” vegetables like lettuce and broccoli like a bit of frost but a light freeze can cause damage and hard freezes will kill them completely.

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Knowing the right time to plant in your area is crucial to success

Tomatoes GrowingTiming is everything. Knowing the right time to plant in your area is crucial to success. If you plant too early or too late, your plants will not reach certain growth stages at the right time, and may not get fruits produced. Tomatoes and other vegetables grow according to temperatures and day length so the planting time must take that into account. Fortunately for most vegetables, this is shortly after your average last frost date which can be checked on our website by simply entering your zip code. Continue reading