Correcting your soil pH and soil nutrient levels

Fall is a great time of year and is a great time to correct your soil nutrient levels deficiencies.

pH correction is so important to all vegetable plants’ success and so many of us forget to add lime or other corrective minerals to the garden before springtime hits.  Doing these tests now and getting the additives in now gives them time to break down and do the job.  Look in our catalog for pH correcting products and also add lots of compost too!

Also, don’t forget to add as many leaves as possible into your garden beds.  Collect them and then run them over with the lawn mower to chop them up. Those leaves return the carbon and leftover material to the soil which breaks down into loam.  This loam is perfect food for worms and microorganisms which they then excrete into perfect food for plants!  It is an amazing circle of a self supporting symbiotic relationship.

Tests have proven that tomatoes actually taste sweeter and more flavorful when leaf compost is added to the garden soil. So rake the leaves, run and jump on them a few times, and then put them in your garden or compost for Tasteful tomatoes next summer!

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