Gift Ideas For Gardeners Who Love Vegetable Gardening

Gift  Ideas for Gardeners – Vegetable Garden Special

It can be very hard to figure out ideas of Christmas gifts gardeners would like but some unique products can be found that may not have immediately come to mind.  We recently had an order where someone sent a gift of fertilizer to her father, an avid gardener.  While I don’t recommend doing that necessarily, there are some nice, more tasteful gifts that will do the trick.

Decorative Garden support

Decorative Garden support

Gift ideas for gardeners that are die hard Kitchen Gardeners include these lovely Decorative Tomato Supports are sturdy and very attractive.  Garden tools are also very important and having good ones that will hold up to rough use is best.  Our Radius ergonomic tools and our English Garden Forged tools are just perfect.














Nurserymen's Gardening Hat



Other great gifts include our Nurserymen’s Gardening Hat  that all the best gardeners are wearing now. It has a wide brim to protect the neck and face and will hold up for years of use.



Watering TimerOr give a Watering Timer to make sure the water gets turned off at the right time and makes the chore of watering, that much easier.





Wooden Garden TrugOne of our most popular items is this beautiful Wooden Garden Trug that gently cradles your heirloom tomatoes back to the kitchen. The perfect gift can be made from filling this trug with tools, gloves, tomato ties or markers.



Our Enviro-Cycle Composter  is a fantastic gift for a gardener. It is completely self contained and no set up is required.


Shop for more great garden gifts in our catalog today or send a gift certificate which always makes them happy!



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