New Season! Tomato plants for 2014 available for pre-ordering now!

Our Tomato plants for 2014 are available for pre-ordering now!

Pink Berkeley Tie Dye Tomato plant
With over 200 plant selections and 55 tomato varieties this year we have the best selection of plants on the web! We had a blast choosing our new varieties this year with some really fun ones for you to try. Check out the Pink Berkeley Tie Dye which is striped on the outside, luscious pink on the inside and so tasty.

Rosella Purple Dwarf Tomato PlantWe also are supporting the Dwarf Heirloom project with a new offering called Purple Rosella Dwarf. The plants only grow to about 18-24″ tall and are perfect for growing in small spaces, while still producing large beautiful heirlooms.



Another new tomato variety is Azoychka, the name makes you wonder but this one will knock your socks off with a more complex flavor than most red tomatoes and great little pink blush on the bottom.



Big Zebra Tomato plants for 2014Big Zebra tomato plant is probably the most colorful heirloom tomato.  It really has the flavor to match with its complexity of acidic and sweet flavor, it will surprise you! One of the most unique tomatoes, the color goes from green to orange-red and green striped on the outside and green and pink striped on the inside. Its strong tomato flavor makes it a great addition to any salad.



Lipstick Pimento Pepper PlantLots of Peppers, like this wonderful pimento called Lipstick. Sweet and full of flavor and nutrition! Perfect for salads and flavoring all kinds of food.  We also have lots of cool season vegetables such as Broccoli and Spinach, that are ready to plant early, onions, asparagus, garlic and everything you need to grow them. All at the Tasteful Garden, where it’s all about the flavor.

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