Fall Gardening

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We’ve been harvesting like mad here in the South, but the party isn’t over, even for those of you in cooler climes. We have a vast selection of plants that prefer cool weather:  Lettuces, spinach, kale, carrots and beets, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and cabbage all grow beautifully in the fall. And fall is the time to start your garlic and onions for an early harvest in the spring.

New to fall gardening? Buy our sampler set (16 plants) for a variety of cool season choices and give it a try!

Fall Garden Collection

But let’s talk about your garden right now. If you’re like most of us, some plants did brilliantly and others just flopped. You should write down what worked and what didn’t, because once the catalogs come in the spring, you’ll get sucked in by all the fancy pictures and forget everything you learned the previous season. What did you grow that you really loved? What are you tired of putting up? (Hellooooo zucchini!) Add notes about these to your notebook to help your ordering next spring.

How did your garden grow?

I learned (the hard way, as usual) that beans and onions don’t like to be planted near each other, but onions and lettuces are happy together and conspire to keep the bugs away. Every season you garden, you add to your knowledge. Keeping notes about what you plant and where will help you improve your skills (and yields!) each year.

Cute tools!

We have plenty of tools, fertilizers and other helps in stock; those ship immediately. The fall vegetables will start shipping mid-August, and we always have herbs (by themselves or in a huge variety of cute containers) for the kitchen garden.

Organic bliss!

Join us on Facebook and send us pictures of what’s growing! We love hearing from you and seeing what you’re harvesting. And don’t forget to visit our other site, Tasteful Home Decor, where home and garden come together. Full housewares, kitchen gadgets, dinnerware and garden-inspired home accessories, it’s a wonderful place to shop for your home and gifts for friends and neighbors.

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