Fall Container Gardening

Growing Fall Vegetables in Containers

Now that it’s time to begin preparing for my fall vegetables, I’m getting everything ready for container gardening this season.  I planted peppers during the spring and since they are still producing beautifully (so exciting!) I don’t have as much space in my garden for all the things I want to grow.  Pretty much anything you want to grow can be grown in containers.  So as I embark on this new venture I thought I’d pass along a few important tips I’ve gained about this type of gardening.  First (and most importantly) is choosing the right type of container.  Keep in mind that it’s easier to grow plants in large containers than small ones. That’s because large containers hold more soil, which stays moist longer and is less subject to rapid temperature fluctuations.  But smaller ones can work, it’s just a matter of keeping a closer eye on them.

Swiss Chard plantsAnother thing to consider is dark containers retain more heat in the soil than light-colored ones. Whatever container you choose, drainage holes are essential. Without drainage, soil will become waterlogged and plants may die. The holes need not be large, but there must be enough so that excess water can drain out.  Next, the fun part, choosing the plants.  If you’re using smaller containers arugula, beets, swiss chard, lettuce and onions will be best. Collards, broccoli, kale, beans and peas will do better in bigger containers.  Finally, healthy soil is a must.  I’ve found an  organic type like Organic Happy Frog soil 12 qts mixed with Healthy Grow Worm Castings 4# and a low count fertilizer like Dr Earth Tomato Veg & Herb works really well for containers.

One nice thing about this type of gardening is that if you find your plants are getting too much sun (or not enough) just pick them up and move them, it’s as simple as that.  And if your weather decides to give you so much rain you feel like building an ark, just move them under cover for a while and problem solved!  I’m looking forward to the cooler weather and a beautiful bountiful fall garden this season.

Fall Gardening

veggie basket

We’ve been harvesting like mad here in the South, but the party isn’t over, even for those of you in cooler climes. We have a vast selection of plants that prefer cool weather:  Lettuces, spinach, kale, carrots and beets, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and cabbage all grow beautifully in the fall. And fall is the time to start your garlic and onions for an early harvest in the spring.

New to fall gardening? Buy our sampler set (16 plants) for a variety of cool season choices and give it a try!

Fall Garden Collection

But let’s talk about your garden right now. If you’re like most of us, some plants did brilliantly and others just flopped. You should write down what worked and what didn’t, because once the catalogs come in the spring, you’ll get sucked in by all the fancy pictures and forget everything you learned the previous season. What did you grow that you really loved? What are you tired of putting up? (Hellooooo zucchini!) Add notes about these to your notebook to help your ordering next spring.

How did your garden grow?

I learned (the hard way, as usual) that beans and onions don’t like to be planted near each other, but onions and lettuces are happy together and conspire to keep the bugs away. Every season you garden, you add to your knowledge. Keeping notes about what you plant and where will help you improve your skills (and yields!) each year.

Cute tools!

We have plenty of tools, fertilizers and other helps in stock; those ship immediately. The fall vegetables will start shipping mid-August, and we always have herbs (by themselves or in a huge variety of cute containers) for the kitchen garden.

Organic bliss!

Join us on Facebook and send us pictures of what’s growing! We love hearing from you and seeing what you’re harvesting. And don’t forget to visit our other site, Tasteful Home Decor, where home and garden come together. Full housewares, kitchen gadgets, dinnerware and garden-inspired home accessories, it’s a wonderful place to shop for your home and gifts for friends and neighbors.

Luscious dinnerware!

Fall vegetables, that mature in cooler temperatures, are available online now for shipment beginning next week. “Fall” or “Cool season” Vegetables will begin shipping August 11th and continue through September as quantities last. Every year we plant a full collection of the most beautiful vegetable plants, all ready to go into your garden. Many of these vegetables such as Arugula and Mustard Greens can be harvested very quickly and will continue throughout the fall. A few vegetables will even overwinter such as Cabbage and Collards! Try growing some of our greens this fall and add nutrition and superb taste to your table.