To water or not to water, that is the question







Hey guys!  This is my first year gardening and I love watching my plants grow.  But with gardening comes MUCH to learn about watering.

And this is what I’ve learned this week…

Watering is as simple as giving the plant enough to drink when it wants it.  How do you know when it wants water? Basically a droopy plant is a sure sign that the water level has gone down too far for the plant to reach with its roots.  You need to water to raise the water level to where the active roots are spreading out.  You never want to keep water on all the roots, all the time.  The roots will grow deep to access the water that is just below them.  Deep roots are great for making the plant strong and able to feed itself, drink lots of water,and hold itself up.
If the roots always have access to water, they will not be able to “breathe” in the soil and may suffocate and drown. 

Watering for Containers

In containers, the same situation applies but you water more infrequently as water tends to stand in pots and take days to dry up.  Good drainage will prevent standing water. Watch for drooping in the leaves which will tell you when is the right time to give them a drink and check the weight of the pot overall for how much water may be in there already.  Yellowing of the top new growth is a sure sign of too much water as well. Using soaker hoses, sprinklers or watering cans help water the plant more softly and allows it to soak into the soil without running off.

Products which may be helpful:

Watering Cans for evenly distributed water

Colorful Watering Cans makes watering easy to control

Rain Gauge for water measurement

A rain gauge will tell you how much rainfall you have had

watering timer for setting a limit on water

Setting a timer is helpful to keep from overwatering

Watering in the Garden

Watering in the garden

garden 010a.jpg

How Much Water Does My Garden Need? Watering in the garden can be difficult to decide during the time of year when summer rains are sporadic. Knowing exactly how much is needed for each plant can be tricky but as a rule of thumb water the garden only if there has been less than 1″ of rainfall per week. Continue reading