Vegetable Container Gardening

Vegetable Container Gardening

Vegetable-Container-Gardening With access to the internet and sites like Pinterest, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with ideas and intimidated by the seemingly perfect gardens that are commonly found there. At the same time your yard (or lack thereof) is too small, the weather is too unpredictable, or you just don’t have enough time to take care of a proper garden. Well, there’s some good news! Gardening doesn’t have to be large scale, perfect, require perfect weather, or need a ton of time. One of the simplest ways to add color and life to your backyard or balcony is to implement containers into your gardening routine.

Whether you’re looking to plant herbs and vegetables or brighten up your space with some colorful flowers, container gardening is very versatile method and can utilize some of the most common place items!

Going Green with your Green Thumb:

containersforgardening From coffee cans and yogurt cups to egg cartons and milk jugs, recycling your containers has never been easier! Many of these items can easily be turned into plant containers. Egg cartons are perfect for starting a large amount of plants to be transplanted later in the season when they outgrow their space. Teach your kids about gardening by having them paint a yogurt container or milk jug and watch their plants grow or use the smaller yogurt containers for a mini herb garden to add a little spice to your dinners. Be creative and don’t be afraid to try nontraditional ideas!

Cook with fresh produce? Take it to a whole other level with this idea!

If your grandparents are anything like mine, then they have four of everything and love giving you the things they don’t use. This has resulted in the unfortunate situation of owing 10 pots, but only really using two to cook with. I ended up donating mine, but if I had seen what this creative gal did with her found cookware! With the new trend of colorful cookware; pots, pans, teapots, or even coffee mugs and teacups can all make great creative containers for succulents or houseplants. Make sure you provide enough room for drainage though; it would be easy to drown your plants otherwise.

Don’t be dull as dirt, get creative!

There are plenty of really creative ideas that can be executed inside and outside of the home.  Using rain gutters as planters along the fence, deck railing, or even hanging them seems to be a big fad right now. It’s a great method for keeping spreading produce contained and looks really cool! I’ve seen a bunch of creative ways to garden with containers either in small spaces or large scale!


Containers that can be used for gardening are literally limitless. As long as it can contain a little dirt and handle being a little wet it can be used for planting! Get creative and start looking at those old canisters, shoes, buckets, and dishes in a new light. Who knows? There might be a perfect pot for that plant you’ve been looking to re-home.

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